Bebington Garden

Bebington Garden

We are extremely excited to announce that our newly refurbished garden is complete! We have introduced a forest school area, modified our construction pit and have also installed a brand new slide to make our outdoor area as fun and stimulating as possible.

Our new forest school area inspires the children to explore the world around them. The mud kitchen, natural resources pit and dark dens offer endless opportunities for them to create, discover and get messy!

In addition, our modified construction pit ignites the children’s love for building and creating. The large area filled with stones and equipped with diggers, buckets and spades is the perfect way to encourage our children to use and extend their imagination through play.

Finally, the large open spaces, challenging balancing beams and thrilling slides encourage our children to develop a healthy lifestyle through being active. There are endless opportunities available for them to run, jump, climb and slide!

Overall, we are all extremely impressed with the outcomes of this project and are delighted with the children’s responses and your feedback! If you haven’t already, please let us know what you think!

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