Bromborough Newsletter – February

February’s News!

Welcome to our Newsletter! We have a lot of exciting things planned across the nursery to start the year in the best way we can.


Baby Room

Our topic this month is ‘Nursery Rhymes!’ During circle time, we will be singing and dancing along to some of our favourite nursery rhymes and songs, from ‘Old Macdonald’ to ‘Humpty Dumpty,’ and will using puppets and props to join in!

The babies will also have the opportunity to play and splash about in in our ‘Five Little Ducks’ water tray with all of their friends! In addition, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year by making some wonderful cards and lanterns to take home with us. It’s going to be fantastic!


This month, our topic is ‘Our World!’ We have many fun and exciting activities planned for the children to learn about the world around them and outer space. They will be painting some incredible rocket ships and will also have the opportunity to design their very own telescope using junk model materials.

In addition, we will be celebrating some of the holidays that occur around the world this time of year through circle times and creative activities. We will discussing Chinese New Year and will be making some beautiful Valentine’s Day cards for our loved ones. We can’t wait!


This month, our topic is ‘Space and Planets!’ During circle times, we will be discussing what we can find in outer space, from stars to astronauts and so much more, and will have the opportunity to explore them further through a range of fun and exciting activities.

The children will be getting very creative as they make their very own rocket ships, papier-mâché planets and paintings using marble ink. We also have some special, cosmic playdough for the children to explore and create with. There’s so much to look forward to!


*Please ensure that you bring in a winter’s coat, hat and gloves for your child to ensure that they are lovely and warm when playing out in the garden or on walks.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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