Bromborough Newsletter – March

March’s News

Welcome to our Newsletter. We have a lot of exciting things planned across the nursery to make the most of the beautiful spring.


This month in Baby Room, our topic is ‘Our Five Senses!’ We will be playing with and exploring a broad range of mediums and materials through sensory activities. There will be ice, cotton wool, sand, paint, cereal and so much more!

In addition, our babies will also have the opportunity to get messy and creative when making some lovely pictures to take home with them. We will be collaging materials of all different textures and colours to make a fantastic masterpiece! It’s going to be great!


This month, our topic is ‘Food and Drink!’ During circle times, we will be talking all about our favourite things to eat and drink and will be discussing what is good for us and what isn’t. The children will then have the opportunity to take part food tasting activity. How tasty!

This month is also a very busy month as we will be celebrating St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day and Mother’s Day over the next few weeks. We will be getting very creative as we paint, colour, glue and stick! It’s going to be so much fun!


This month, our topic is transport! During circle times, we will be talking all about various forms of transport and will discuss how we travel with our families to different places around us, such as to nursery or the shops. From cars and boats, to planes and trains, the possibilities are endless!

Additionally, to make the most of the glorious spring weather, we are also planning on going on a lovely walk to the train station and will count how many different types of vehicles we see on the way. After returning to nursery, we will then transform our role play area into our very own train station for the children to play in. How fun!


*Please ensure that you bring in a winter’s coat, hat and gloves to make sure that your child is lovely and warm when playing out in the garden or when going on walks.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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